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OK so I initially rolled my eyes a bit at the thought of doing on of those posts, but I found some cool people when chasing down hiking hashtags so here are a few extra things I'm into.

(broad one I know but hey I like new stuff)

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Anyone who looked at my blog would think I'm a rugged outdoorsy type but actually if I didn't get a good latte and some poached eggs on sourdough on a regular basis I might actually burst into tears.

Hello! This is my first mastodon instance, so help finding accounts to follow and instances to join would be appreciated!

I'm an undergrad at Purdue studying chemistry and planetary science.

Research interests:
Mars Geology and Mineralogy
Remote Sensing/Spectroscopy
Analytical Instrumentation

Also interested in singing, video games, indie music, and linux/open source software


I'm Rocky Wrench! I'm a nerd and out to share my opinion on everything tech or related to it and everthing else since why constrain yourself to only one topic!


I guess a new #introduction post is in order!

I'm Mike, I run lots of little services on the big, bad internet and they're mostly centered around #communication, which I find is a pretty neat area.

Aside from that I'm into #cooking, #hiking, #camping and #comedy - I run some open mic rooms in #Melbourne and dabble a little in standup myself.

Attached is a picture of my first ever #TV appearance.


#introductions #bio #about #hashtags #sotrue #blessed

I'm starting to move services over from chinwag.im to chinwag.org now!

Now I'm not 100% about instant messaging it'll be nicer to have a .org - I can finally enable DNSSEC for a start!

I was asked today what my apricot jam recipe is. I have a great universal technique that works for pretty much anything.

1) Open Google
2) Type in "apricot jam recipe"
3) Click on something that looks good

Substitute any seasonal fruit you like for the apricots if you don't have any on hand.

Today's resulted in 4 jars of apricots in syrup and 2 jars of apricots in brandy. This ratio was determined purely by the amount of brandy in the house. social.chinwag.im/media/GMgK8X

Turns out that dropping half an apricot from your garden into a and tonic is a very good idea, unless you had other things to do today, because I'm going to have to have another one soon I don't waste the other half apricot.

I emailed the guy who was on the domain whois info. I guess I just don't know when to stop taking things on. πŸ˜€

It really bugs me that mastodon.com.au has been left to rot, idle and broken, by someone who jumped in on the game early and then got bored.

I kinda want to email them and see if I can do anything, but I also don't need yet another job.

So far I've been trying to get things from more-or-less the current day up and running on hardware from 2001.

OS X 10.4 isn't recent, of course, but it performs well enough that I'm going to try going back to more era-appropriate operating systems. That comes with the challenge of finding live download links, old forum posts, and trying to hit a sweet spot where things worked but time hadn't marched past and started optimising for much later CPUs and GPUs.

A few weeks ago I rediscovered my old iMac G3 and thought it'd be an amazingly good idea to repurpose it as a dedicated arcade game emulator to run some old 80s games I loved like Time Pilot.

So many stumbling blocks so far.

Ubuntu/Debian - kinda OK video performance, but sound totally broken

NetBSD - can't get X up at all

FreeBSD - installer hangs

OS X 10.4 - can't get USB controller recognised by MAME

I reckon I have an idea though ...


There has never been a better music video than this. True fact.


Interview with TimothΓ©e Jaussoin, about the migration of Movim's official server from Metronome to ejabberd.


I'm not really comfortable admitting how long I just watched this for.


It's been a long time since I last installed on something. It's been nice to get reacquainted!

I'm installing on an iMac which would have been brand new and shiny last time I was doing a lot of NetBSD stuff on old MIPS Decstations. Now it's the antique ...

Still doesn't top my favorite time the Facebook algorithm was on point back in 2014.