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I feel sad so here’s a GIF I found that makes me happy and smile.

from r/animaltextgifs

@tim This made me happy and smile too, so thank you. Sorry you are sad. Sometimes that happens and then usually it goes away and that is nice.

@clhendricksbc thanks! I appreciate your concern.

I've been looking for work and had an interview today. The man interviewing me said, "to be honest, you sound too smart for this role."

I seem to be stuck in a catch-22 situation where I'm either over-qualified so I don't get the job, or I am qualified but it's been a couple of years since I've been in formal employment (I've been studying).

I'm sure I'll find something soon. And yes, I really would be happy stocking supermarket shelves!

@tim Oh yes, I’ve been there with that being over qualified thing. I guess the issue is they want someone who is likely to stay awhile, and overqualified people may leave for better prospects. Still, it sucks to be the person who is getting turned down for jobs you could do, would be good at, and are willing to do.

I hope the search works out soon!

@clhendricksbc thanks! I have another interview next week, so that's something :)

@tim @Gargron if you like that gif you'll enjoy the YouTube channel it's from - cats and cooking!


Hope that brings you another smile. ❤️